jeanne lindsey

Hi, I am Jeanne Lindsey a licensed  Esthetician and I love all things skin care. Facials, waxing and sugaring are my favorites.


My skin care journey started in high school when I had terrible acne. After a lot of research and trying many different products that not only did not improve my skin but actually worsened it, I went to a spa and received my first facial. After receiving monthly facials and starting a good home care regime, I noticed major changes in my skin and began to feel confident again.


I believe it’s important to educate clients not only on what is happening within their skin but what they can do at home to achieve their skin goals. I am dedicated to continuing my education to bring all my clients the best services. If I’m not at the spa, I’m probably hiking, growing flowers in my garden or hanging out with my husband and kids.

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